Moultrie D40
Power Cable
Custom1 Universal Heavy Duty Power Cable Fits Moultrie M80, M80BLX, M-990i, M-880, I45, I65, I40, I60, M40, M60, I45S, I65S, Stealth, Wildview, Spypoint Trail Cams.
$ 13.00
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Custom1 Power Cables
   External Batteries
Moultrie D-40 Cable Adapter
allows you to use
The Moultrie, Stealth or Spypoint Battery Kit
With your D-40 Moultrie
D-40 Adapter
     Fits Bushnell Trophy Cam,
Scoutguard & DLC Covert I & II
Truth Cam Acc.
Primos Truth Cam
Monday-Friday 9-5
Eastern Daylight Time
LTL Acorn
LTL Acorn Power Cable
Fits LTL Acorn
5210 & 5210A
SG580M 6Volt Power Cable
SG580M Cable $15.00
 6V Solar Panel $24.99
$ 13.00
6 Volt
12 AH Battery
12 Volt Solar Panel
Moultrie 12 Volt Battery Kit
 Shipping Included
Weather Resistant Case
Rechargable 12 Volt 7AH Battery
6' Power Cord
Wall Charger
Fits I-40 M80 M-990i M-880 D-55
I-35 I-45 D-555 D-333 D-444 M-100
(Will Fit D40 With Adapter Sold Below)
Solar Panel and 6-Volt Battery in one unit

Continuous Power Source for your Trail Camera

Run a Camera or Feeder with no internal Battery

Run in Conjunction with Internal Battery
For maximum field life

5 ft Varmit resistant cord allows
Placement in Optimal Sunlight

Built in Battery Level Indicator
There is no Mounting Bracket included with this Power Panel
It has a 1/4" X 20" Insert on the Back
works Great with our New Adjustable Mounting Bracket Below.
6 Volt Battery & Solar Power Panel All In One
DLC Covert
Home Brew
           External Power Cable
                   Fits Models
63010, 63011, 63020, 63021, 63030, 63035, 63036, 63037, 63038

(Does Not Fit Truth X Models)
Cable Adapter to allow you to use the Above
6 Volt Power Panel with DLC, Bushnell, LTL Acorn
and Scoutguard Camera's Camera's $10.00
Custom1 Universal Mount
$15.00 When Purchased with
6 Volt Power Panel
Works with Most Primos Truth Cams
that use 6V (Does Not Fit Truth X)

Also Works with DLC Covert, Bushnell Trophy Cams, Ltl Acorn and Scoutguard Trail Camera's But needs the Cable Adapter Sold Below
Fits DLC Covert
Fits Bushnell Trophy Cams
Fits LtL Acorn
Custom1 Power Cables