Moultrie D40
Power Cable
Custom1 Universal Heavy Duty Power Cable Fits Moultrie M80, M80BLX, M-990i, M-880, I45, I65, I40, I60, M40, M60, I45S, I65S, Stealth, Wildview, Spypoint Trail Cams.
$ 14.00
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Custom1 Power Cables
   External Batteries
Moultrie D-40 Cable Adapter
allows you to use
The Moultrie, Stealth or Spypoint Battery Kit
With your D-40 Moultrie
D-40 Adapter
2 PC Heavy Duty Power Cable
Fits Bushnell Trophy Cam, LTL Acorn
Scoutguard & DLC Covert I & II & Cabelas Outfitter
CuddeBack C & E Series
Truth Cam Acc.
Primos Truth Cam
LTL Acorn
Monday-Friday 9-5
Eastern Daylight Time
LTL Acorn
SG580M 6Volt Power Cable
SG580M Cable $15.00
 6V Solar Panel $34.99
$ 14.00
Universal 14' Extension Cable
5.5 X 2.1 18 Ga. M/F
12 Volt Solar Panel
Moultrie 12 Volt Battery Kit
 Shipping Included
Weather Resistant Case
Rechargable 12 Volt 7AH Battery
6' Power Cord
Wall Charger
Fits I-40 M80 M-990i M-880 D-55
I-35 I-45 D-555 D-333 D-444 M-100
(Will Fit D40 With Adapter Sold Below)
Solar Panel and 6-Volt Battery in one unit

Continuous Power Source for your Trail Camera

Run a Camera or Feeder with no internal Battery

Run in Conjunction with Internal Battery
For maximum field life

5 ft Varmit resistant cord allows
Placement in Optimal Sunlight

Built in Battery Level Indicator
There is no Mounting Bracket included with this Power Panel
It has a 1/4" X 20" Insert on the Back
works Great with our New Adjustable Mounting Bracket Below.
6 Volt Battery & Solar Power Panel All In One
DLC Covert
Home Brew
           External Power Cable
                   Fits Models
63010, 63011, 63020, 63021, 63030, 63035, 63036, 63037, 63038

(Does Not Fit Truth X Models)
Cable Adapter to allow you to use the Above
6 Volt Power Panel with DLC, Bushnell, LTL Acorn
and Scoutguard Camera's Camera's
Custom1 Universal Mount
$15.00 When Purchased with
6 Volt Power Panel
Custom1 Power Cables
12 Volt Camera AC/DC Power Adapter
Output 12 Volt DC 1500mA
12 ft Power Cord
Fits Most Moultrie Models
Fits Browning, Stealth
Only for 12 Volt Camera's
Fits Most Moultrie , Browning, Primos, Stealth Trail Camera's
( Does Not Fit Bushnell Aggressor )
( Does Not Fit Bushnell Aggressor )