Bushnell Trophy Cam Accessories
Trail Camera Mounts
SD Card Viewers
Python Cables Straps
External Power Cables
 ( Box Only Camera & Locks Not Included)
Truth Cam Acc.
$19.99 + $10 SH
LTL Acorn
Fits 2009-2015 Bushnell Trophy Cam
Models, 119456C, 119446C, 119436C, 119455C,
119445C, 119435C, 119425C,119415C, 119405C, 119437C , 119447C, 119537C, 119547C 119628
119628C , 119636C , 119736C
Also Fits Nature View 119438
(Does Not Fit Black Flash Models )
   Custom1 Bushnell Security Box
Custom1 Bushnell Trophy Cam
     HD Wireless Security Box
Fits 2014 Bushnell Model 119599C
$19.99 + $14.00 SH
custom1enterprises004017.jpg custom1enterprises004016.jpg custom1enterprises004015.jpg
2013 Custom1 Adjustable Trophy Cam Mount
Fits All Bushnell Trophy Cams with a 3/4" Strap Slot
Easily mount your trail camera using our new 2013 Bushnell Tropy Cam Mount
No more Straps, No need to use sticks or shims to adjust the angle, Just slide your camera on the Bar through the Strap Slots loosen the adjustment Knob set the angle then Tighten Adjustment Knob.
This is not ment to be a Security Bracket but there is a Hole in the end that you could use a Padlock , Python cable or just use a Nut & Bolt.
2013 Trophy Cam Mount $19.99
Bushnell Aggressor Adapter Cable $12.00 +$3.50 SH
custom1enterprises004014.jpg custom1enterprises004013.jpg custom1enterprises004012.jpg
Custom1 Universal Bear Box Tilt Adapter
$24.99 EA.
Pk of 2 Bear Box
Tilt Adapters $44.99
 Custom 1 Swivel Bear Box Mount Kit
Custom1 Swivel Bear Box Mount Kit
Works with Most Makes of Security Boxes
Allows you to Tilt your security Box
Up, Down, Right or Left.
Can be Lagbolted or Mounted With Straps
 (1" Camo Straps Sold Below)
$ 49.99
One Swivel Mount Kit
Assembly Required Includes Parts
as shown Above in Figure 1
Custom1 Bushnell Trophy Cam
     2014 HD Max Security Box
              Fits 119678C
$19.99 + $14 SH
2014 Trophy Cam HD Max Mount 1" Strap Slot Mount $19.99
Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor Security Box
Fits Aggressor No-Glow 119776C , 119777C &
Aggressor Low-Glow 119774C , 119775C , Essential E2 Model 119836 , 119836C
Bushnell Aggressor
+ $14.00 SH
(Also Fits Bushnell Core Models)
6" Long
Also Fits 119873C , 119773C , 119874C , 119875C , 119876C , 119877C & Essential E3 Model # 119837C
Does Not Fit New Aggressor Style
Wireless Camera
Does Not Fit
Wireless Model
Bushnell Aggressor Wirelesss
Only Fits Bushnell Aggressor Wireless Model # 119599C2
$19.99 + $14 SH
(Security Box Only
Camera & Locks
Not Included)
Bushnell External
Power Cable
Fits all Trophy Cam Models
( Does Not Fit Aggressor Models)
Closeout Sale
( 2 Pin )
( Core is 12 Volt )
Bushnell Impulse
lock washer pk 2
Blems Closeout Sale
No Returns
Blems Closeout Sale
No Returns
Blems Closeout Sale
No Returns
Inside Measurements
7 3/4" x 5" x 3" Deep
Blems Closeout Sale
No Returns
Closeout Sale on all Security Boxes
Selling as Blems might have Minor
Paint Defects
No Returns
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2 Cable Adapters $27.50
$3.50 SH
$ 3.50 SH
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