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Custom1 Reconyx
Hyperfire Security Box
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Universal Adjustable Bracket $9.99 + $8.50 SH
Add 1 Shrouded Masterlock
Padlock Model # 187KA
 with Purchase of Security Box
Fits HC500 & HC600 Hyperfire Models
Universal Adjustable Mounting Bracket
Angled Down
Angled Up
Fits Our Reconyx Security Box
Fits Reconyx Hyperfire Camera's
Pre Drilled Holes will fit Most Security Boxes. (Some Drilling may be required)
Fits Reconyx Hyperfire HC500 & HC 600 Trail Camera's
Also works Great for Homebrew Trail Camera's with Pelican Case.
Allows you to adjust the angle angle of your Camera Up or Down
Powder Coat Finish.
Bracket only Camera, Cables, Straps, Security Box and Mounting Hardware are Not Included
Limit 1 per Box
Custom1 Universal Bear Box Tilt Adapter
$24.99 Ea.
Pack of 2 $44.99
$20.00 When Purchased
With our Security Box
Bear Box Tilt Adapter
Mounting Hardware Included
 Custom 1 Swivel Bear Box Mount Kit
 Custom1 Swivel Bear Box Mount Kit
Works with Most Makes of Security Boxes
Allows you to Tilt your security Box
Up, Down, Right or Left.
Can be Lagbolted or Mounted With Straps
 (1" Camo Straps Sold Below)
Also can be used to Mount Reconyx Hyperfire Camera's
Assembly Required Includes Parts
as shown Above in Figure 1
$ 49.99
 Swivel Mount Kit
Custom1 Reconyx XR6
Ultrafire Security Box
Locks & Camera
Not Included
 Reconyx XR6 UltraFire Angle Mounting Bracket
Ultrafire Mounting Bracket Only
$6.99 + $8.50 SH
Ultrafire Mounting Bracket
& 1" Camo Strap $16.99
+ $8.50 SH
Can Also be used with our
Ultrafire Security Box
Heavy Duty Universal Swivel Style
Trail Cam Mount Fits
Camera's with 1/4 X 20
Pack of 2 $39.99
Shown with Ultra XR6
Custom1 2018
Reconyx Hyperfire 2 Heavy Duty
Security Box
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Blem May have paint defects
Blem May have paint defects
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Blem May have paint defects
$19.99 + $14 SH
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as Blems may have Paint Defects
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